7 Signs Your Internal IT Team Needs Co-Managed IT Services

7 Signs Your Internal IT Team Needs Co-Managed IT Services
Vasanth Devisetty
Managing Director
Discover how co-managed IT services can boost your internal IT team's capabilities, focusing on cybersecurity, cloud management, and more, ensuring your IT aligns with business goals.
7 Signs Your Internal IT Team Needs Co-Managed IT Services

In 2012, a McKinsey Digital study found that most large IT projects often exceed budgets by 45%, run over time by 7%, and deliver 56% less value than expected. If you're a businessman, you know those numbers aren't good. This highlights the complexities and challenges faced in the realm of IT management.

This is why co-managed IT services exist. Through these services, businesses blend the strengths of an internal IT team with the specialised expertise of an external service provider. Unlike traditional managed services, co-managed IT services offer a partnership model, allowing you to cherry-pick the best support for your specific needs.

Throughout this blog, we'll explore signs you need co-managed services, how to identify the most suitable MSP partner for your business and the fundamental differences between managed and co-managed IT services. 

Difference of managed vs. co-managed IT services

Managed vs. co-managed IT support

In the realm of IT, deciding between managed and co-managed services depends on what you need. Managed IT services mean you're handing over the reins of your IT environment to a third-party provider. Managed IT support takes care of everything - from monitoring and maintenance to support and security.

  • Full outsourcing of IT tasks
  • Provider handles all IT operations
  • Ideal for businesses without an IT department

On the flip side, co-managed IT services are more of a partnership. You get to keep control of your IT but with the added firepower of external expertise from a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

  • Partnership between your internal team and the provider
  • Combines in-house IT strengths with external expertise
  • Perfect for businesses with an IT department needing extra help

Both models offer benefits, but the right choice depends on your business's size, capabilities, and needs. Co-managed IT services, in particular, offer flexibility and scalability without completely relinquishing control. It allows you to target specific areas for support, whether that's cybersecurity, cloud management, or just extra hands during peak times.

Best co-managed services in 2024

What are the best co-managed IT services? 

There are many MSPs that offer different co-managed IT services. However, only a few are the best investments to get for your company. 

Cybersecurity support

First off, top-notch co-managed IT services offer cybersecurity support. In an age where digital threats are as common as rain in England, having robust security measures is crucial. This service includes monitoring your systems for suspicious activity, implementing firewalls, and educating your team on the latest in scam avoidance. 

Cloud services management

Then there's cloud services management. The best co-managed IT providers help you navigate cloud environments, ensuring data is secure, accessible, and efficiently stored. Whether you're looking to migrate to the cloud or optimise your current setup, they've got the know-how to make it happen smoothly.

Help desk support

Help desk support is another cornerstone of co-managed IT services. This service ensures your employees have constant access to professional help, minimising downtime and frustration. 

Network management

Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure, akin to the road network of a bustling city. Co-managed services in this area include monitoring network performance, managing updates, and troubleshooting issues before they become roadblocks. 

Strategic IT planning

Lastly, the best practices of strategic IT planning can't be overlooked. Co-managed IT services should work with you to develop a technology roadmap, advising on the latest tools and technologies that can drive your business forward. 

Co-managed services vs. outsourcing

Are co-managed services the same as outsourcing additional support? 

Co-managed IT services are not the same as outsourcing. The key difference between them lies in the level of involvement and control. 

Although co-managed and outsourcing seemed similar, outsourcing usually happens without an internal IT team, while co-managed services work alongside an existing internal team. Outsourcing is more like managed support services, but also different in how it is implemented. 

Signs your team needs help

7 signs your internal IT department needs help from co-managed

Co-managed IT services can provide the necessary help without completely outsourcing your IT needs. Here are signs that it might be time to consider such a partnership:

1. When you're always playing catch-up

If your IT team is constantly battling to keep up with daily tasks, software updates, and troubleshooting, it's a clear sign you need help. Co-managed services can take on some of these tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic projects and improvements.

2. When cybersecurity concerns keep you up at night

If your business lacks a dedicated security expert or if recent threats have exposed vulnerabilities, co-managed IT services can provide the expertise and tools needed to bolster your defences and keep your data safe.

3. When your IT team is overwhelmed by user support requests

An influx of support tickets can overwhelm even the most dedicated IT department, leading to slow response times and frustrated employees. The co-managed service model can offer additional help desk support, ensuring that your staff receives timely assistance without overburdening your internal team.

4. When technology projects stall

Large IT projects, like migrating to the cloud or implementing new software, require significant time and expertise. If these projects are stalling or not getting off the ground because your team lacks bandwidth or specific skills, co-managed services can provide the project management and technical expertise needed to get things moving again.

5. When you lack specific expertise

IT is an expansive field, and it's unrealistic to expect your in-house team to have in-depth knowledge of every area. Whether it's cloud services, data analytics, or cybersecurity, co-managed services can fill in the gaps, providing access to experts who can help navigate complex IT challenges.

6. When scaling up is on the horizon

If your business is growing, your IT infrastructure will need to scale up to match. This can be a daunting task for an internal team alone. Co-managed IT services can help plan and implement scalable solutions that grow with your business.

7. When downtime becomes a frequent problem

Frequent system outages not only disrupt operations but can also damage your reputation and bottom line. If your internal team struggles to maintain uptime or quickly resolve issues, co-managed services can offer additional resources and expertise to minimise downtime and improve system reliability.

How to choose your partner?

Choosing a managed service provider for your internal IT team

The right managed service provider (MSP) for your internal IT team has to be reliable, skilled, and a good fit for the team. Here's how to make sure you pick the right one:

Understand your needs

Before you start looking, be clear on what you need. Are you drowning in support tickets? Or maybe you're after specific expertise, like cybersecurity or cloud services. Knowing your requirements will help you find an MSP that matches your needs.

Research and shortlist

Kick things off with a bit of homework. Look for MSPs with strong reputations and services to match your checklist. Shortlist a few that stand out — these will be the ones you'll explore further.

Get reviews and references

Now, it's time to dig a bit deeper. Look for reviews online and ask the MSPs for references. Speaking to their current or past clients can give you insights into their reliability, response times, and the quality of their work. 

Evaluate their expertise

You need an MSP that knows their stuff when it comes to co-managed IT services. Check their certifications, partnerships with technology vendors, and areas of expertise. They should be up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies. 

Assess their communication and support

Your MSP should be easy to get hold of and quick to respond, not just during a crisis but for day-to-day queries too. Find out how they handle support requests and what their typical response times are. 

Consider their scalability and flexibility

Your business won't stand still, and neither should your MSP. They need to be able to scale their services up or down based on your evolving needs. Flexibility is also crucial; they should be willing to tailor their services to fit your specific requirements, not the other way around.

Look at the costs

Transparent pricing is crucial — you need to know what you're paying for. While cost shouldn't be the only factor, it's important to ensure their fees align with your budget. Remember, the cheapest option isn't always the best. 

Why choose AccrueTek?

Help your internal IT team with the best MSP in England

Partnering with a top-notch MSP with co-managed IT services isn't just about fixing IT problems; it's about transforming your IT into a strategic asset that drives business growth. That's where AccrueTek shines.

With our robust offerings in IT consulting, implementation, support, and managed services, our team stands out as the go-to MSP in England, especially for SMEs and Micro SMEs. Our unique blend of solutions and services, including specialisation in networking, infrastructure, virtualisation, and cloud platform adoption, makes us a powerful ally for businesses aiming to leverage technology for success.

Our approach is all about customisation and strategic partnership. We don't just offer IT services; we tailor our support to fit each client's specific needs, ensuring a high return on investment through efficient IT outsourcing

Not to mention, our partnerships with giants like Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, Tech Data, and Quantum IT Solutions further testify to our capability to provide top-tier solutions. 

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Frequently asked questions

What should you do if you need additional support for your IT team?

If you need additional support, consider a co-managed IT service provider. This model offers flexibility, allowing your business to benefit from external technical resources and expertise without fully outsourcing your IT department.

What is the definition of co-managed IT, and how does it differ from traditional IT services?

The definition of co-managed IT is a service model where businesses partner with an external provider to enhance their internal IT team's capabilities. It differs from traditional IT services by not fully outsourcing IT, but rather, it is a partnership aimed at bolstering the company's existing IT capabilities.

How can co-managed IT support help your business?

Co-managed IT support can help by providing the right kind of managed help that complements your internal team. It allows for a partnership where external experts assist with 1st and 2nd line services, filling skill gaps and ensuring your IT is looked after properly.

How does the co-managed IT model fit the needs of SMEs?

The co-managed IT model is designed to fit the business needs of SMEs by offering a partnership that combines internal IT capabilities with the expertise of a co-managed it service provider, ensuring the IT strategy aligns with business goals.

What are the benefits of partnering with a co-managed IT service provider?

Partnering with a co-managed IT service provider like AccrueTek ensures your business has access to specialised technical resources, enhancing your internal capabilities and allowing for a more robust IT infrastructure that aligns with your business needs.

How can you find the right co-managed IT services model for your business?

Finding the right co-managed IT services model involves assessing your business's specific needs, understanding the gaps in your current IT setup, and selecting a provider that offers a co-managed model that can be tailored to fit your business.

When is a fully managed IT service the right choice for a business?

A fully managed IT service is ideal when a business seeks to outsource all IT operations, focusing on its core activities while ensuring cyber security and IT infrastructure are managed by experts.

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